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realcurvygirls's Journal

We're the REAL curvy girls.
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I REALLY WISH I DIDN'T have to create this community, but it appears I have no choice. All of the 'curvy girl' communities on livejournal are filled with rails.

It's no secret that some of us are just BIG girls. The only way we'll ever wear a size six or even a sixteen is if you add them together.

This is a community for those of you who have never had a battle with your buldge. Oh, maybe you've had a few choice words now and again, but only after he say/she say bull-shit.

What I've enjoyed is a lifelong love affair with every roll, every lump, and every curve. And because I love me, I've never felt the need to apologize for being my big beautiful self. But it's hard to be a glamour puss when there are forces in the universe that don't believe big girls have the right to show-case our assets. They think we should cover up and wear muumuus. Well, I've got two words to say about that - hell no! Why should I hide all this loveliness under a big-ass tent dress?

Don't you hate it when people say stupid shit like, "You need to do something about that gut," and "Isn't that your fourth slice of sweet potatoe pie?" No, bitch, It's my fifth, and I may go for a sixth.

Just because we like to get our eat on doesn't mean there shouldn't be room in the spotlight for us to shine, too.

Well here's your chance.

We are your mods.

amphigourium, _ohxnevermore, and dirtyboulevard